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Proclaiming the covenant love of Christ!

Scripture Alone

The Bible is the final and ultimate authority for what we believe and how we live. We interpret Scripture in community with other Spirit-led believers now and across the ages. We work together to understand it well. We work together to live it well.

Christ Alone

We are a Christ-exalting church. We boast in nothing else but what Jesus did for us when he died on the cross for our sins. We seek to center every aspect of our lives on the supremacy of Christ. He is Lord and God of our lives.

Grace Alone

God reached out to us first, so our lives are lived in thankfulness toward him. We seek to extend this grace to each other and to all no matter their record of success or failure. We’re not a gathering of perfect people but a fellowship of forgiven people.

Faith Alone

We are saved through faith that is alive and active. No amount of good deeds could ever save us. We come to God, not trusting in our good works, but in Jesus. And because we have received his love for us on the cross, we respond with a powerful love back to God and to one another.

The Glory of God Alone

The purpose of all things and every person is to bring glory to God. We seek to live lives that point to His worth, not ours. We treasure God’s glory above our own. This is the only way to joyful and meaningful living regardless of our circumstances.

Service Times & Address

Morning Worship: 9:30 AM
Sunday School: 11:00 AM
PM Worship: Suspended
Prayer Meeting: Wednesday 6:30 PM

4609 Greenwood Road | Greenwood, IL
Phone: 815-575-9612

Thanks for joining us!

Covenant Reformed Baptist Church exists to glorify God first and foremost. We believe that God is most glorified in us as we learn to trust and be satisfied in Him alone. We seek to glorify God by putting our trust in Him, following in His ways, and gathering together as many new worshipers of Him as possible. We want to treasure Him in corporate and in private worship, know Him better by learning the Bible and communicating with Him in prayer. We also want to extend His love to others in the greater community through fellowship, support, discipleship and service. We rely on God Himself to bring change, growth, healing and maturity to our church.

What a joy to realize that if you know Jesus, you are part of Gods forever family. If you live in the Chicago area and you are looking for a church home, we hope you will prayerfully consider worshiping with us!

Welcome We’re Glad You’re Here
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